Welcome to the free video help for private counseling practice page! Here is the directory of all our free video help for those in or thinking about starting a private counseling practice.  Follow us to get updates when new videos with information for you and your private practice! If there are any topics you need help with, be sure to let us know. We want to help you be the best counselor you can be while making a living in private practice.

Video 1: Lonnie shares helpful tips for LPCs, LCSWs, and LMFTs about starting your own counseling private practice.

Unfortunately most mental health providers were taught very little in graduate school about some of the practical aspects of running and starting a private counseling practice. The idea of starting out on your own can be scary and overwhelming. Watch for helpful pointers for starting your own counseling private practice.

Video 2: Building a Referral Base to Help You Start and Maintain Your Private Counseling Practice.

Every clinician needs a referral base for two reasons, first, there will always be a few clients better helped by someone with different services than we provide and second, it is a form of advertising yourself and your practice. Lonnie Mullet, MA LPC shares how mental health clinicians can start building their referral base.



Video 3: HelpVideoBenful efits of Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) as You Start Your Private Practice

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can be intimidating and one more thing to worry about as you start or grow your own private counseling practice. Lonnie Mullet MA, LPC talks about some of the considerations and benefits of using electronic health records.