Running a Private Practice

Running a Private Practice or How to Earn a Living

Have you wondered how to earn a living running a private practice as an LPC, LMFT, or LCSW? Do you want to improve your private practice? We teach practical strategies and action steps tailored for each therapist, practice, and client.

There are specific strategies and steps you can take before starting and running a private practice to improve your odds of making it and making a living.  There are also steps you can take to improve, maintain and change an existing practice to make it more manageable.  Many counselors hit a financial wall in the first few months of practice. You may even wonder if it’s possible to earn a living. Here is where Help for Counselors can help you!

  • Leaning how to make a living without taking time off. Continue running the day to day business of private practice, while learning how to earn a living.  Begin to use some tools right away in your daily interactions with clients.
  • Experiment by adopting one or two steps, follow for one month and track progress to see if the change has been effective.  Just as you would have a client do!
  • Marketing strategies that will work whether you are an LCSW, LPC or LMFT.  Low cost effective plans, that when used consistently, produce results or raise awareness about what needs to change.
  • Free up time for family, leisure or clients. Save time through planning, technology, and support development.
  • Keep yourself focused on what engages and what service you do best.  By connecting to clients who are best suited to your strengths, you improve outcomes and reduce burnout.
  • Expand your practice by hiring employees or contractors.  Once you have a strong structure, you can provide that as a service to other clinicians and therapists by expanding your practice.

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