Help for Counselors Resources

What Practice Resources do You Offer?

Help for Counselors offers a range of resources for your different needs and practice setups. We offer:

  • Free podcasts and video walk you through some of the complexities of private practice. (Sign up in the sidebar to receive email of fresh resources for your practice.)
  • Traditional consulting helping therapists who are beginning practices or improving existing practices. We help identify hidden strengths which are unexplored. We also find liabilities which are often ticking time bombs in your practice.
  • Identifying new growth opportunities to serve the public while adapting to the changing mental health landscape.
  • Evaluation of Mental Health Centers for business operations including billing, identifying revenue streams, and liability risks.
  • Small group training for use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems for solo or group private practices.

Contact Us!

Click here for our contact form to inquire about our personalized practice resources. Our contact form is the best way to reach us, but if you prefer, our email is and our phone number is 980-395-3062.