Help Billing Insurance


Help Billing Insurance



We also offer help billing insurance. Insurance billing can be overwhelming to the most experienced of clinicians and is often what hold counselors back from going into private practice or worse, quit their practice! Genevieve Smith has over 20 years of experience as a medical billing specialist.  Her wealth of experience is primarily in the mental health field, she is well aquanted with CPT codes and DSM V diagnostic codes. Many clinicians are not aware of how many unique CPT codes are available to them to accurately bill and oftentimes reimbursed at higher rates for more specific CPT and DSM coding.

For over two decades she has aided numerous individual and group practices with insurance billing and claim filing services customized to their needs. Ms. Smith’s knowledge can help you know what to anticipate in the credentialing process, what panels you should consider (or not want to join), and what you might need in order to start filing claims. Many clients have used her services to help them overcome a backlog of insurance billing. Most of us did not learn these valuable tools in our counseling programs and often need professional help to correct our course.  She is adept at assisting you in communicating with insurance to quickly process your claims. Ms. Smith helps providers focus on the delivery of professional services, while she removes the roadblocks to compensation.

She is also available to train clinicians how to bill and optimize your professional time, helping you implement methods to be more effectively compensated.  Ms. Smith has experience billing with all commercial and private insurance companies including EAP and workers compensation claims.

Let us customize a service for you based on your needs. Do you need help to overcome your insurance billing backlog? The longer you put off dealing with your backlog of billing, you risk loosing your reimbursement window, which is only 12 months for some insurances. We have daily rates for contracted billing services dependent on time commitment, travel, and the scope of the work required.

Or do you need Ms. Smith to sit down with you one on one help to learn how to bill yourself and maintain your bookkeeping? Please email our office via the contact icon and send a phone number and availability and we will gladly provide a cost estimate.

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