About Help for Counselors


What is Help for Counselors?

Help for Counselors exists because we saw how many mental health professionals and counselors with wonderful clinical skills were having a difficult time making it in private counseling practice. Clients and therapists benefit from a well run, professional, and competent mental health practice. We help other mental health professionals build their own practices and careers so we can help clients while making a living.

We also saw that a lot of consulting is out of financial reach for many individuals in private practice, so we are offering free content to help you with your private counseling practice. We will also be offering digital online classes for a fee, but at a lower price point than traditional business consulting. We do offer one on one business consulting as well.

Products and Services include:

  • Traditional Hourly Consulting
  • Help with PLLC and business setup.
  • Customized videos for practice startups
  • Live in person EHR training for your group practice
  • Free informative podcasts on common practice challenges
  • Agency backlog billing & auditing
  • Training videos on practice improvement, writing a business plan, branding, marketing, operations, and development
  • CACREP Preparation for Counseling Programs


Click here to contact us today! The contact form is the best way to reach us, but our email is: helpforcounselors@gmail.com and our phone number is 980-395-3062.

Lonnie Mullet, LPC, copyright 2015

Who is Lonnie Mullet, LPC?

Lonnie Mullet is a masters level therapist and licensed professional counselor in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He believes that growth as a therapist and a professional can mean pushing out of our comfort zones. Tired and frustrated with working for little pay and with little control over the type of work you do or the clients you see? Do you want to start a private practice but not sure where to begin?  Do you have an existing private practice that has reached a plateau?  Do you struggle with missed appointments, uncollected insurance or difficulty in keeping or receiving a strong referral base?  Do you have problems in your practice that you can’t even seem to put your finger on?

All of these challenges face many private practitioners who work in the mental health field whether they are psychologist, psychiatrists, LCSW’s, LMFT’s or LPC’s.  In an effort to improve overall mental health care,  I provide business support services to providers in the form of consulting, education, training, and EHR system implementation.

How Do I Contact You?

The best way to contact us is through our contact form here.

You may also call us at 980-395-3062, but be aware that the contact form is typically a faster way to contact us.

You may also email us at helpforcounselors@gmail.com