What Is Help for Counselors?

Help for Counselors exists because we saw how many mental health professionals and counselors with wonderful clinical skills were having a difficult time making it in private counseling practice. Continue reading…

“After spending just one hour with Lonnie, my mind was churning with ideas and ways I could change the direction of my practice. Working from a strengths-based approach, he helped me see what talents I already have that I just need to embrace and nurture.”
Jayme Yodice, LPA, HSP-PA

What We Offer:

Traditional Hourly Consulting
Help with PLLC and business setup.
Customized videos for practice startups
Live in person EHR training for your group practice
Free informative podcasts on common practice challenges
Agency backlog billing & auditing
Training videos on practice improvement, writing a business plan, branding, marketing, operations, and development
CACREP Preparation for Counseling Programs

“Lonnie doesn’t just disseminate information, he takes the time individually with you to guide you through the steps to building a thriving business.”

Bennett Harris, MA, LPC, CMHC

Thera Works

Workshop Offerings

A groupworkshop for mental health providers starting out in private practice or wanting to change an existing practice. ***This group is limited to six participants***

Plan strategy like the small business owner you are to leverage your specialized skills

The strategic value and tactics of finding the right clients for your practice and properly referring all others

Discover your unique strengths as a business owner and exploit those strengths (Gallup Entrepreneurial Profile)

Developing unique and profitable offerings which will help you stand out in a crowded market

Find out how myths masquerading as ‘common sense advice’ often slowly destroy practices

Receive immediate tips you can begin using right away that will improve autonomy, revenue, & reduce frustration

Bonus! Billing specialist Genevieve Smith will share her wisdom with question and answers as well

“Lonnie has been instrumental to my success. With his techniques I was easily able to master the skills no one else seemed to be able…to teach me to run my practice. I saw my schedule become full. My records and billing are efficiently managed.”

Mikal Sklaroff, LPC

Start your own research today about starting and running your own private practice, by watching a few of our videos.

Video 1: Tips for starting your own counseling private practice.


Unfortunately most mental health providers were taught very little in graduate school about some of the practical aspects of running and starting a private counseling practice. The idea of starting out on your own can be scary and overwhelming. Watch for helpful pointers for starting your own counseling private practice.

Video 2: Building a Referral Base to Help You Start and Maintain Your Private Counseling Practice.

Every clinician needs a referral base for two reasons, first, there will always be a few clients better helped by someone with different services than we provide and second, it is a form of advertising yourself and your practice. Lonnie Mullet, MA LPC shares how mental health clinicians can start building their referral base.

Video 3: HelpVideo Benfulefits of Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) as You Start Your Private Practice

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can be intimidating and one more thing to worry about as you start or grow your own private counseling practice. Lonnie Mullet MA, LPC talks about some of the considerations and benefits of using electronic health records.

“From the moment I first met Lonnie I felt heard, understood, and encouraged. He has offered guidance and direction I could not find anywhere else. His depth of knowledge and willingness to personally share what works has been invaluable to me as I have started growing my practice. I would highly recommend his expertise and am confident you will experience the professional growth and depth of knowledge you seek!”

Dan Schmoyer, M.Ed, LSC

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